Getting into 3 Gun (Rifle, Pistol AND Shotgun) can be expensive, challenging and potentially frustrating. For most new shooters the sticking point is the shotgun. Maybe its the expense, maybe it’s the additional equipment like caddies, or maybe it’s just hard to spend $1500 after buying a super sexy rifle. For this reason, and another reason that I’ll get to, we run 2 Gun (AR and Pistol) divisions at our local match. Most everyone has an AR-15 and a pistol. It may not be their dream guns, but it’s what they have and what they should start with. If you shoot the 2 Gun Division at our match, you’re NOT shooting any less, you’re simply shooting the dedicated shotgun targets (for 3 gunners) with your pistol. The other reason I alluded to earlier, is for you LEO/MIL guys and gals (THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!). You guys may use our matches as part of your training with the guns and gear you use on duty. Regardless of the reason, probably 30% of our shooters at a local match shoot the 2 Gun division for different reasons and it’s a great way to get into the sport!