We Defy Run N Gun

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Date: May 20, 2017.

Shooters Meeting: 0800.

Location: Triple C Tactical, 14333 Cleburne Hwy, Cresson, TX 76035

Fee: $115

About: ALL the profit goes to the We Defy Foundation. Check them out here.. We Defy helps mentally and physically disabled combat veterans rehabilitate through Jiu Jitsu and fitness and help them overcome their challenges.

Equipment: Rung what ya’ brung!

Pistol: 9mm or larger.  A good quality holster that can retain your pistol during the run is a must!

Rifle: .223 or larger. A sling for the rifle is recommended, but not required.


5.56 K – 3 courses of fire. Minimum round count: 25 Pistol, 25 Rifle

7.62 K – 5 courses of fire. Minimum round count: 35 Pistol. 35 Rifle

15 K – 7 courses of fire. Minimum round count: 50 Pistol. 50 Rifle

20 K – 7 courses of fire. Minimum round count: 50 Pistol. 50 Rifle


A shooter will be released from the start position every 3 minutes. The shooter will need to carry everything they need to complete all the courses of fire once they leave the start position. You will not be going by your vehicle for re-supply. This includes, water, food, ammo, range finder, stop watch, etc. When the shooter comes to a course of fire, a course description will be posted. Shooter must read the description, and then complete the course. If another shooter is shooting a course when you arrive, get with the RO when you get there and have them start YOUR stop watch that YOU PROVIDE. Your wait time will be deducted from your overall time. Expect unknown distance rifle targets. Any paper targets on a course of fire will require (2) hits in the A or B zone or (3) hits anywhere. Failure to neutralize a target will add 10 seconds to your time. Failure to hit or engage a target will add 20 seconds to your time. Each course of fire will have a 90 second par time. At the end of a course of fire, you will unload your guns and show a clear and safe guns. Do not reload your guns until instructed to by the RO on your next course of fire.