2A Arms


2A ARMS 2A Armament is not just another firearm manufacturer.  We are committed to exceptional craftsmanship and quality in the products we make.  Our company has grown and evolved into one with state of the art manufacturing and process controls that result in an unmatched fit and finish of our firearms.  We encourage you to [...]

XS Sight Systems


XS SIGHT SYSTEMS After spending a lifetime working side by side with my father, the late Ed Pastusek, leading XS Sight Systems is a dream come true. For over 30 years I had the privilege of watching him and my mother build businesses from scratch chasing the American Dream. Through trial and error, he found [...]

TxT Custom Gun Works


TxT Custom Gun Works A firearm is a tool with an intended purpose, in my eyes it most important to have the best tool for the job and sometimes that requires a little customization. That is what I do, I build and customize a tool to fit your needs. TxT is here to enhance your [...]

AR Gold Triggers


AMERICAN TRIGGER CORPORATION No Brag, Just Fact - The Best This is the absolute finest AR Trigger in the world – by far, bar none. A trigger like no other. Why do we say that? Because every other after market “Match” is designed around the Camp Perry High Power course of fire and rules regarding [...]

PACT Timers


PACT TIMERS PACT products are designed to improve your shooting. Whether you are a hobby shooter, competitive shooter, military, or law enforcement, there is room for improvement. Our products give you the tools to achieve quantifiable improvement, or we give you your money back. Check them out: Website

Ping Time Targets


PING TIME TARGETS At Ping Time Targets we are just like you.  We work, we train, we shoot, we hunt, we love our family, and sometimes we even weld.  There are other companies out there that make similar targets and I make the same claims they do: high quality and low cost.  Similar to what the good folks at Blue Bell advertised, we [...]

CMC Triggers


CMC TRIGGERS CMC's innovative, self-contained and easy-to-install AR-15 trigger groups, have been completely re-tooled to maximize production capacities, incorporate new design enhancements and reduce cost. CMC's AR-15 trigger groups have always yielded exceptional trigger pull dynamics for our tens of thousands of satisfied customers. However, keeping up with high demand has been difficult since introduction. [...]

Invictus Practical


INVICTUS PRACTICAL The Invictus Practical AARM/S line of shotshell caddies was designed from the ground-up to be the best performing, most versatile, and highest-quality competition kit available at any price - period. I believe the result is just that, and am proud to offer you my best, so you can make your best - better. Thanks for your interest, [...]



Tru-Spec By 1996, ATLANCO® management became aware of a glaring need in the marketplace for a manufacturer of high quality, affordable military and law enforcement apparel with vision, ambition and panache. The result was the introduction of the TRU-SPEC® brand as well as the construction of the company's first manufacturing facility. The new factory provided the company [...]

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