PGP Match is a different breed of 3 Gun.

It includes a Precision Gun, Gas Gun and Pistol, all shot by the same person. Our match blends the Precision Rifle and 3 Gun world and throws out the shotgun.

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Date: Fall 2017. Date TBD

Gates open at 7:30 and close at 8:30.
8:00-8:30 – Registration
8:40 – Shooters Meeting
9:00-3:00 – Match

5 stages.

1 Day Format

Equipment rules:
Pistol: 9mm or larger
Gas gun: .223
Precision Gun: Gas or Bolt operated Anything larger than a 7.62×39, up to 300 Win Mag. 6.5, 308, etc. are all good to go
Any or as many optics, bipods, bags, etc… are ok. Basically- whatever you want.

Time Plus w/ points.
Each stage is worth 100 points. Your score is your total time plus any penalties. The lowest score for that stage gets 100 points. Everyone else gets a % of that.

Stage Descriptions:

Some stages will require one of your long guns to be slung. Both long guns need to have the capability of being slung.

Expect some movement on stages

Stages will be released one month before the match.

Round Count:

65 Precision, 100 Gas Gun, 50 Pistol is a safe number to bring. The match may not require that much, but better to have it and not need it.



Precision and Gas Gun targets will be different colors.

Precision targets will be around 2 MOA size targets, 300-900 yards

Gas gun targets will be around 4 MOA size targets, 50-300 yards

Pistol targets, 1-25 yards


Match Fee: $60