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Welcome to North Texas Multigun!

About Us:

North Texas Multigun offers the Dallas / Ft Worth Texas and surrounding areas a place to shoot the best 3 Gun, Steel Match and Long Range Precision Match every month. We shoot 3 Gun on the 1st full weekend of the month, Steel on the 2nd full weekend of the month and Long Range Precision Match on the 4th full weekend of the month at our home Range, Triple C Range in Cresson.

Match Descriptions:

Our matches are run Saturday and Sunday. They are NOT a two day match. It’s the same match both days, scored separately. This allows shooters the chance to still spend time with the family or go to church one day and shoot the other day.

We use a service called Practiscore for pre-registration and to be sure you have a spot. It will let you pre-register, pay and squad. For those who would rather pay at the range (Cash or Credit Cards only. No Checks), that works to. Be sure to have exact change.

3 Gun (1st Weekend of the month): More Info

5 stages with 2-3 inside the bays and 2-3 on open terrain. You can choose to shoot in the 2 Gun Division (Pistol and AR) or 3 Gun (Pistol, AR, Shotgun) or PCC. The 2 Gun division doesn’t shoot any less. They just shoot shotgun targets with pistol as well as dedicated pistol targets.

Safe round count to bring: 150 Pistol, 150 Rifle, 150 Bird, 15 Slugs, 15 Buck shot. You wont always use that much, but better to have it and not need it.

Match Fee: $45

Steel Match (2nd weekend of the month): More Info

5-6 stages, all in the bays using static steel with movement included.  At this match you can shoot 22 Rimfire (pistol or rifle), Pistol, Shotgun, or PISTOL CALIBER Carbine (45 acp or smaller). A shooter can shoot up to two divisions in the same match.

Safe round count to bring: 200 per gun you plan on shooting. You wont always use that much, but better to have it and not need it.

Match Fee: $35 for the first gun. $20 for the second gun


Long Range Precision Match: 4th weekend of the month.

This match is designed push the norms of conventional Long Range formats. If you’re a seasoned Long Range shooter expect fun/dynamic pistol targets mixed in. You’ll to have to get in and out of positions faster to improve your score. This won’t be a perch and shoot. If you’re a 2 or 3gunner wanting to try something new then expect to slow it down and stretch it out. Your going to need to make your shots count and know your gear and DOPE.

Another great day at the range thanksJeremy Moore for putting on a great match today
Sonny F.
One of the best group of shooter I have ever shot with. Great intermingling of top shooters and new shooters. Everyone, I mean everyone is super friendly and willing to help any way they can.
Brendan H.
Amazing matches very challenging, but any skill level can play and have fun.
Kelly C.
NTMG offers a safe and fun shooting experience for all shooters; novice to expert. They are very welcoming to newcomers and there are always other shooters who are more than happy to answer questions or coach you. If you have a firearm and are tired of shooting from a bench all the time, NTMG events are the place to be.
Hunter R.
This weekend I participated in the shotgun match hosted by North Texas Multigunners in Cresson, TX. It would be fair to say that I was very excited but also nervous – being an absolute beginner and not knowing what to expect. My fears were instantly alleviated when I met Jeremy at the sign in and he started introducing me to people. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging. Just a great group of human beings. The course was fun and challenging and there had obviously been a lot of planning and preparation in advance making the day flow seamlessly from one stage to the next. I’m hooked now and can’t wait for another event. Thanks!
Bob H.
My son and I shot our first ever match with NTMG this year. We weren’t sure what to expect. What we got was a great day shooting with a bunch of good and helpful people. If you are interested in competition shooting, go ahead and give it a try with NTMG.
Barry A.
North Texas multigun is awesome. They make new shooters feel very welcome. Extremely fun and safe format that makes for a great day of shooting. I have shot with many groups and they are by far the best group I have shot with.
Chris B.
Great Fun! Safely run. Friendly, helpful competitors. Challenging stages. Something every true Patriot should do on a frequent basis. I will be back!!!
Danny G.
Had a great time. Really enjoyed the wide open spaces. Thanks Jeremy.
Jeremy R.