2018 Long Range Point Series!

$3,500 total in CASH up for grabs!!!

• Compete in monthly club matches.
• Top 20% of series participants at the end of the season will be eligible for the cash based on their placement in the finale.
• 1st-$2000 2nd-$1000 3RD -$500
• Top 5 overall percentages added together for points during the season
• Minimum of 4 matches throughout the year to qualify.
• Series Finale held in Jan 2019, 2-day match, 16+stages, prize table, etc.
• Series entry-$75 Finale Entry-$175

Long Range Precision Match

This match is designed push the norms of conventional Long Range formats. If you’re a seasoned Long Range shooter expect fun/dynamic pistol targets mixed in. You’ll to have to get in and out of positions faster to improve your score. This won’t be a perch and shoot. If you’re a 2 or 3gunner wanting to try something new then expect to slow it down and stretch it out. Your going to need to make your shots count and know your gear and DOPE.

When: 4th Saturday and Sunday of every month, starting July of 2017.

Bolt and Gas Guns Welcome!


There are no equipment rules, but their are divisions. Bipods, Multiple Optics, Suppressors…use whatever you want.


Lite: .223 Remington


Heavy: All other larger calibers, but no magnum cartridges

Gates & Registration Open: 7:30

Gates & Registration Closes: 8:30

Shooters Meeting: 8:45

Match Begins: 9:00

Match Ends: around 2:00


1 Day Format. Same stages both days, scored as separate events.. This format allows the shooters options as to which day to shoot. If you have work or family obligations on Saturday, shoot Sunday! If you have  church or other obligations on Sunday, shoot Saturday!

Stages: Some stages will require a little movement. Targets out to 1,000 yards, 2-4 MOA size targets, depending on shooting position and distance. 180 PAR Time. There will be no reset on stages. Pistol will be incorporated on some of the stages. 5-6 stages

Round Count Average: 100 Rifle and 50 Pistol

Match Fee: $45

Side Match: We will have a side match at the end of the match. $5 entry fee. The winner wins a free slot to the following months match.

Regular NTMG rules apply and can be found here: http://northtexasmultigun.com/2016-north-texas-multigun-rules/


REGISTER HERE: https://practiscore.com/clubs/north-texas-multigun