Way of the Gun Performance Pistol Process


This is a Performance Shooting course. I define Performance shooting as: Applying the correct ratio of speed and accuracy to dynamic shooting situations with a goal of scoring maximum points in minimum time, with 100% accountability.   The methods we train in this course apply and translate to anything performance based you will do with your Pistol, Combat or Competition.   The Performance Pistol Process is designed to give the shooter a more complete understanding of what is necessary for performance shooting with the pistol.  This will be accomplished by training what I call the Performance Shooting Process. During the Process we will cover and grasp the 4 components of Performance Shooting: Processing, Control, Mechanics and Movement.  This course will provide you with enough repetition to completely grasp the concepts and develop new skills that will improve your shooting.


  • Pistol suitable for Performance Shooting  (Glock 19 or larger)
  • 3 magazines or the ability to have 45-50 rounds per training iteration
  • Holster, open top or retention doesn’t matter.  (The holster should be suitable for competition or combat carry)
  • Minimum 2 mag pouches
  • Belt
  • Hearing and Eye protection (wrap around eye protection recommended)

Personal items as needed.

*  Minimum 600 rounds for this course in order to get enough repetitions in to grasp the concepts and develop skills.

*  Class Start time is 9am, arrive no earlier than 8:30am.  We will take a lunch break and we finish around 4-4:30