Cowtown Clash

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COWTOWN CLASH GAS GUN EVENT The 2018 Cowtown Clash  will be held at the beautiful Triple C Range in Cresson, TX, just South of Ft Worth. It will be well balanced with stages of high movement incorporating pistol and rifle, Prone stages  and stages of Positional/Barricade/Prop shooting for a total of approx. 18 exciting stages! [...]

New Shooters Briefing

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What to expect from a NTMG 3 Gun Match

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Why we call it Multigun and not 3 Gun (usually)

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Getting into 3 Gun (Rifle, Pistol AND Shotgun) can be expensive, challenging and potentially frustrating. For most new shooters the sticking point is the shotgun. Maybe its the expense, maybe it’s the additional equipment like caddies, or maybe it’s just hard to spend $1500 after buying a super sexy rifle. For this reason, and another reason [...]

Punching holes in steel targets is the fastest way to become VERY unpopular – Steel Core Ammo

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Right at the top of the list of things new competitors don’t know that they don’t know is that they don’t know about the issues surrounding steel-core ammunition. If reading that sentence didn’t light a fiery rage in your soul, or at least feverish nodding in agreement- keep reading, this probably pertains to you. [...]

Just jump in the deep end and get in the game of 3 gun

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The question is often asked if X match is “beginner friendly” or “as a beginner what is the best way to get ready for, or get into, 3-gun?” The answer often seems simple to those already in the sport and intimidating to those on the outside looking in: just jump in the deep end and [...]

Night Match

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DATES:   November 10, 2018 WHERE: Triple C Range SCHEDULE: Gates & Registration Open: 4:30 Gates & Registration Closes: 5:30 Shooters Meeting: 5:45 Match Begins: 6:00pm Match Ends: around 11:00pm -5 stages -DIVISIONS: Choose from 2 Gun (AR & Pistol), 3 Gun (AR, Pistol & Shotgun), PCC, or 1 Gun (Pistol Only) Weapon Mounted lights and lasers [...]

PGP Match

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PGP Match is a different breed of 3 Gun. It includes a Precision Gun, Gas Gun and Pistol, all shot by the same person. Our match blends the Precision Rifle and 3 Gun world and throws out the shotgun. Stay up to date on this event through our FACEBOOK PAGE Date: Fall 2017. Date TBD Gates [...]


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REGISTER HERE BLAST INTO 2018 WITH YOUR FAVORITE BLASTER!!! ~5 Bay stages ~All Paper - NTMG 3 gun scoring on paper- (1) A/B or (2) anywhere ~50 rounds per stage! ~ Gates and registration open from 8:00-8:30. Match starts at 9:00 ~Shoot two different divisions or the same division twice Divisions: Rimfire Rifle, [...]

Long Range Precision Match

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2018 Long Range Point Series! $3,500 total in CASH up for grabs!!! • Compete in monthly club matches. • Top 20% of series participants at the end of the season will be eligible for the cash based on their placement in the finale. • 1st-$2000 2nd-$1000 3RD -$500 • Top 5 overall percentages added together [...]