Glad you asked! We understand that getting started in 3-Gun can be overwhelming to new competitors. The first and most important thing you need to do is read the rule book. Read it all the way through. Yes, we know it isn’t the most interesting read, but after you have gone through it you will have a much better grasp on what will be expected of you at the match. The next step for most people is to come shadow a match. Being able to watch first hand how the match runs, what types of targets you will engage, and just how fun it is should clear up any confusion that the rule book didn’t clear up. Once you decide to shoot your first match don’t worry about needing to buy all the gear you saw on the competitors. For your first match or two you should just show up with what you have. Hell, we’ve seen guys show up with cargo pants and they simply dump all the shotshells they need for a stage in their pockets. Are they fast? No, but they had fun. The key is to ask questions. Most of the people that shoot our match are just out there to have fun. They will be more than happy to talk about their gear and why they selected it. The ROs on each squad are also there to help guide new competitors through the match so ask them questions as well. Once you have shot a match or two you will start to get a really good idea of the type of gear that will work best for you. Please arrive at the match between 7:45 and 8:30AM. The gates close promptly at 8:30 and are unmanned for the remainder of the match.
There are no official “minimum qualifications” to be allowed entry into our match, but competitors will be expected to know how each of their guns operate, and how to handle and shoot their guns safely. If you are new to shooting guns and don’t feel comfortable handling them yet then it is highly recommended that you seek out instruction from a qualified instructor.

We offer 3 Gun classes from time to time. Email info@northtexasmultigun for more details.

The best way to register is on Practiscore. You can find a link to all of our matches here. Registering on Practiscore helps us know how many shooters we have so we can plan accordingly. You can also show up at the match and register day of.
There is an absolutely insane amount of companies out there making equipment for competition shooting. It would be impossible for us to list specifically what you need to buy because there are just so many options. Your gear selection also depends on the type of division you want to shoot in so you need to know that first. We also recommend coming out to watch a match before you buy anything. That way you can see what everyone is using so you can make a more informed purchase decision.
We do not publish a round count for every match. As a rule you will need 150 Rifle, 150 Pistol, 150 Birdshot 15 Buckshot and 10 Slugs. It is never a bad idea to have more than you need. Please check your rifle ammunition to insure that it is not steel core. If you do not know for sure please ask. We can help you determine if it is steel core or not. Shooting our targets with steel core ammunition will result in a match DQ and a fine assessed to cover the cost.
Tac Optics:This is the most popular division in 3Gun. Roughly 80% of the shooters at any given match will be shooting in this division. The reason that most people compete in this division is that the guns and gear most guys have in the safe fit here.

TO Pistol – You are allowed to shoot a pistol in 9mm or larger caliber. The pistol must have iron sights. Magazine capacity is limited by magazine length which is roughly 140mm. That means you can use extended base pads for your magazines to bump capacity of your 9mm up to 22 or so rounds.

TO Shotgun – You are allowed to use a 20 gauge or larger semi-automatic shotgun. 12 gauge is most common. Shotguns must be traditional tube-fed guns. Magazine capacity is limited to 9 rounds at the start. After the start signal you can load more rounds in your gun.  As with the pistol, you can only use iron sights or the typical fiber optic sights found on shotguns.

TO Rifle – You are allowed to use a .223 Remington or larger caliber semi-automatic rifle. The AR15 is the most popular. You are allowed one magnified optic. Most shooters run a variable power 1-4X or 1-6X scope. You can use iron sights or a red dot as well, but it may put you at a slight disadvantage on long range targets. You are allowed to run offset iron sights with your magnified optic. Most shooters use a compensator on their rifle. The compensators are limited by size which is typically 1″ diameter and 3″ length. You cannot use bipods in this division – those are limited to Open Division. Magazine capacity is not limited.

Tac Iron / Tac Limited: Tactical Irons, aka Tac Irons, aka TI This division is exactly the same as Tactical Optics, expect you are not allowed a magnified optic on your rifle. You can only use iron sights or a red dot as your sighting system. The shotgun and pistol rules are identical to Tactical Optics.

Open: This is the race gun division. You will see the ray gun looking pistols with compensators and red dots, box fed shotguns with compensators and red dots, and rifles with multiple optics, bipods and huge compensators. Pretty much anything you can think of to go faster is allowed within reason. This division is also one of the most expensive and truly is an equipment race to see who can find the most ammo capacity and speed possible.


Pistol – .45 ACP is the king of calibers here. Magazines are limited to 10 rounds, so stock up on those spare mags mag pouches. Only iron sights on the pistols.

Shotgun – Pump action shotgun. It must be 12 gauge.

Rifle – This division is called Heavy for a reason. You are only allowed to run a .308 caliber rifle with iron sights. Since you’re only shooting irons, chances are you’re going to use up a lot of ammo. The good news is you can only use 20 round rifle mags, so plan on carrying a bunch of them which will be heavy!