2 Man Team Match

2017 Dates: Fall 2017. Date TBD





This match is open to anyone.

Brief description of the match:
2 Shooters make a Team – each shooters has a pistol, one has a precision gun the other has has a lite gun.

Gates open at 7:45 and close at 8:30.
8:00-8:30 – Registration
8:40 – Shooters Meeting
9:00-3:00 – Match

5 stages. Depending on who you delegate to shoot what targets will determine round count. See the stage descriptions below.

Equipment rules:
Pistol: 9mm or larger
Lite gun: Gas operated .223 or 308
Precision Gun: Gas or Bolt operated Anything larger than a 7.62×39, up to 300 Win Mag. 6.5, 308, etc. are all good to go
Any or as many optics, bipods, bags, etc… are ok. Basically- whatever you want.

Time Plus w/ points.
Each stage is worth 100 points. Your score is your total time plus any penalties. The lowest score for that stage gets 100 points. Everyone else gets a % of that.

Paper IPSC targets: 1 hit in the A/B zone or 2 anywhere.

Falling steel – must fall to score. 10 second penalty if it doesn’t. 15 second penalty if you don’t shoot at it.

Targets past 100 yards:
15 seconds for an unhit
20 seconds if you didn’t shoot at it


Match Fee: $125 per team